Upcoming Events

Training Needs Assessment

Participate in the ongoing Needs Assessment exercise to ascertain the gaps and level of support the innovators require to start and grow their businesses within the East Africa Region.

  • Training Needs Assessment for the Current University Students and Alumni to better understand their gaps and propose interventions to support Research to Commercialization and scaling the impact of early-stage enterprises. The link is: University Students Needs Assessment Survey
  • Training Needs Assessment for the University Faculty to gather insights on how to strengthen the entrepreneurial and digital skills programme. The link is: Faculty Needs Assessment Survey

Training Needs Assessment – Validation Workshop

The consortium will organize a virtual webinar with the innovation ecosystem actors such as academia, industry, EAC, investors, youth-led Associations to present and disseminate the findings of the survey relevant to build collaboration in the programme.

The data collection results will be published and shared for validation in the coming weeks, and we would like to invite you. Kindly register here and we shall share further details once the data collection process is complete.

Regional Launch of the Innovators Sprint Programme

This Regional Launch event will draw members from Academia, Early-stage Investors, incubators, accelerators, venture capitalists, angel investors, beneficiaries from the previous dskills@EA Programme, youth associations alongside other ecosystem actors. The aim of the members attending the launch is to ensure that the voice of young people is heard and considered when implementing the project.

It will take place on 9th May 2024 from 9 – 1pm EAT. To register for the Launch, click here

Launch of Call for Applications

The call for applications will be opened on the 29thApril 2024 to attract the best innovations across 7 countries to participate in the programme to commercialize and grow their innovations not only in-country but also tap into the regional EAC market.