Selected Bootcamp Participants for Tanzania

We are glad to announce the 10 participants from Tanzania that have qualified for the national bootcamps and pitch events that are set to start on 4th April 2022. The bootcamps are the third phase of the  Digital Innovations for Business Resilience in the East African Community, a program under the dSkills@EA project.

This program aims to support young innovators at universities in the East African Community to develop and implement digital innovations for business resilience in the times of Covid-19. It started with a call for applications from 24th January 2022 to 21st February 2022. Successful applicants then entered the Ideathon phase which ran from 25th February 2022 to 7th March 2022. Read more about the program here.   

 The 10 participants that advanced to the Bootcamp phase were selected by a combination of country leads and experts using the selection criteria defined here.  

Here Are The 10 Selected Teams To Participate In The Tanzania Bootcamp

1. UltraX Art Group led by Dativa Anthony

UltraX Art Group is a 3D water fountain with fish and electrical features inside that increase customer interaction for shop owners.

2. Crafts Zone by Mtwa Mgimwa

Crafts Zone is an e-commerce site for sellers of handicrafts. They list their products on the website and reach a market from all over the world.

3. NgaoPay by Erick Sollo

NgaoPay is a fintech that links both mobile money and bank card payments into one API that a seller can use to accept almost all payments from buyers.

4. Greenia Services by Benny Sanga

Greenia Services built a device that is powered by biosensors and can detect a chemical substance in any object.

5. BusyCheck by Samuel Killagane

This is a system that will be supported by machine learning and AI to support various operations and processes of business through automation and analysis. 

6. Afyatoon by Glory Charles Mlagwa

Ayatoon creates specialized content for health facilities, clubs and other health-based organisations to deliver specific health information and education material.

7. Agrichain by Justine Bahati

Agrichain connects farmers to buyers directly by listing their produce via SMS and web platform.

8. Createch by Said Shabani Hozza

Through its syllabus based projects, Createch is able to improve the students’ ability to understand concepts taught in class through its alternative fun and interactive studying processes.

9. Talk Sign by Jackson Mganga

Talk Sign is an app that allows the user to enter text and voice notes and it will translate them into sign language. 

10. TellAdvert by Walter Andrew

TellAdvert is a web app that enables vendors to sell their products to offline and online customers.

What is Next?

The Tanzania Bootcamp phase will begin on 4th April 2022 and will be held at dLab in Dar es Salaam. This phase will end with a pitch event on 9th April 2022 at the University of Dar es Salaam where the top two participants to represent Tanzania at the regional grand finale will be selected. You can join the event as a member of the online audience by registering here