Selected Bootcamp Participants in Uganda

We are glad to announce the 10 participants from Uganda that have qualified for the national bootcamps and pitch events that are set to start on 21st March 2022. The boot camps are the third phase of the Digital Innovations for Business Resilience in the East African Community, a program under the dSkills@EA project. Read more about the program here 

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 The 10 participants that advanced to the Bootcamp phase were selected by a combination of country leads and experts using the selection criteria defined here. 

Here are the selected participants that advanced to the Bootcamp stage in Uganda.  

Sail Credit, by Victoria Nakitto 

Sail Credit is a peer-to-peer lending platform that allows patients to cover any form of medical expenses without having to pay for it upfront. This allows patients to get timely treatment and get good medical care and then pay back in instalments.  


MEDIBERS, by Sandra Matinyi  

MEDIBERS is an e-commerce one-stop market for healthcare products and services aimed at improving the healthcare supply chain by linking suppliers of different needs like equipment, reagents, consumables, lab services, and services like consultations and equipment maintenance and repairs to consumers 

Pelel Innovation Enterprises, by Lele Janet 

Pelel Innovation Enterprises, through the Pelel Mobile Application, provides free knowledge to farmers about good agronomic practices. They can also access loans in the shortest period of time to cover urgent needs. This is because it compiles the credit scores of all registered farmers which can be used by the financial institutions to determine the creditworthiness of the farmers.  

PRAC Aquatics Ltd, by Patrick Nyakojo 

PRAC Aquatics Ltd is a solution that connects small-scale fish farmers directly to potential buyers without third parties involved. They have a say in what they do. They set the prices they want and have a diversity of potential buyers to choose from.  

Early Stroke Detection, by Keith Richard Kwagala 

The Early Stroke Detection is a wearable portable device that monitors the behaviour of blood flow through the carotid arteries by amplifying and listening to the sound. It records this and will beep whenever blood flow is interrupted within the carotid artery leading to the brain.  

Care Giver, by Isaac Tumusiime 

Care Giver is a mobile application that links mothers to service providers that provide postnatal care services such as breastfeeding, nutrition, immunization, family planning, and hygiene among others. It also reminds them about the next appointments, both postnatal visits and immunization schedules.  

A Million Docs, by Joshua Ogwang 

A Million Docs is a digital platform that offers a video consultation service where patients can pay to access consultation from doctors of their choice at convenience with a link to the pharmacy to buy prescription 

Refill My Art, by Kabasombo Ester 

This innovation helps people to pick their medicine from their respective facilities and is delivered to their places of convenience like workplaces or homes. This prevents them from spending long hours at health facilities and taking their medicine on time. 


Lalogi Technologies, by Nuwagaba Raymond 

Lalogi Technologies is a low-cost mobile solution that makes cervical cancer screening easy and more available to different parts of Uganda and can be used by both medical and non-medical personnel. Its accuracy also reduces the number of false positives.  

Kawu, by Steven Kakooza 

Kawu is a 5D approach that addresses money transfer, safe expenditure, and savings challenges amongst students. It also offers alternative sources of income to the school staff that acts as agents.  

What is next? 

The Uganda Bootcamp phase will begin on 21st March 2022 and will be held at the Makerere Incubation and Innovation Centre at Makerere University. This phase will end with a pitch event on 26th March 2022 where the top two participants to represent Uganda and the regional grand finale will be selected. 


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