Selected Bootcamp Participants in South Sudan  

On 25th February 2022, we embarked on a physical Ideathon phase at the Koneta Hub for participants of the Digital Innovations for Business Resilience in the East African Community, a program under the dSkills@EA project. Read more about the program here. Over the next week, participants were taught various topics to enable them to define their ideas and prototype their solutions. We are glad to announce the 10 participants that have advanced to the next phase, boot camps, and national pitch events, that begin on 21st March 2022.   

 The 10 participants that advanced to the Bootcamp phase were selected by a combination of country leads and experts using the selection criteria defined here. 

Here are the selected participants that advanced to the Bootcamp stage in South Sudan. 

 Agrochemicals, tools, and equipment, by John Nyang Chan  

 This digital innovation ensures the availability of agrochemicals, tools, and equipment to eliminate the pests and diseases that destroy crops of the local farmers 

 National Students Open Library, by Deng’Kur Mading   

 This digital innovation will provide Kindles with relevant reading materials for reading which shall be rented out to interested students based on their colleges. 

 Website for Online Photography Business, by Them Buoi Stephen 

  A website that will be used by customers to communicate with operators of photo studios. That is, they can book online to avoid waiting in queues and can also be informed through that website to collect their photos and more importantly, make appointments online.  

 GoGo Play, by Rachel Hakim 

 GoGo Play is a South Sudanese subscription-based video-on-demand service offering a variety of content like music, series, drama, comedy, ticketing, and events. It will be the bridge between the audience and creative creators. It will expose, market, promote, distribute, monetize and employ entertainers.  

 Junub Products, by Isaac Wako  

 Creating a website for local beehive farmers and honey sellers to advertise their products and make online sales as well.  

 Nileboda, by Suzanne Gideon 

 Nileboda is a ride-hailing digital innovation that connects commuters to well-trained bike riders through a mobile app. 

 Innovation by Duot Santino Malong 

 Innovation is a food delivery app that delivers food from restaurants to the homes or workplaces of our customers. The customers will place their orders through our app.  

 Guot, by Ambrose Guot Deng 

 Guot is an innovation that will enable its users to collect waste in one place for easy collection by garbage trucks 

 Ayum, by Marko Chol Maluil 

 Ayum is an ambulance service that will make it easier for customers to get transported from homes/scenes to health facilities. They will also receive first aid services from our trained health workers. Customers will be able to order an ambulance through an app and also by contacting our call center.  

 Kuachol, by Guen Chuol 

 Kuachol is a centralized learning and assignment management platform. It will provide one single source of truth on courses, syllabi, and external examinations for follow-up on academic progress. 

 What is next?  

 The South Sudan Bootcamp phase will begin on 21st March 2022 and will be held at the Koneta Hub in Juba. This phase will end with a pitch event on 26th March 2022 where the top two participants to represent South Sudan and the regional grand finale will be selected.